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C1815 Audio Frequency Amplifier & High Frequency OSC (Pack of 10)

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C1815 Audio Frequency Amplifier &High Frequency OSC  (Pack of 10)

Complement to KSA1015 

Collector-Base Voltage : VCBO= 50V 

NPN Epitaxial Silicon TransistoNPN Epitaxial Silicon Transistorr
Absolute Maximum Ratings Ta=25C unless otherwise noted
Electrical Characteristics Ta=25C unless otherwise noted
hFE Classification
Symbol Parameter Value Units
VCBO Collector-Base Voltage 60 V
VCEO Collector-Emitter Voltage 50 V
VEBO Emitter-Base Voltage 5 V
IC Collector Current 150 mA
IB Base Current 50 mA
PC Collector Power Dissipation 400 mW
TJ Junction Temperature 125 C
TSTG Storage Temperature -55 ~ 150 C
Symbol Parameter Test Condition Min. Typ. Max. Units
ICBO Collector Cut-off Current VCB=60V, IE=0 0.1 A
IEBO Emitter Cut-off Current VEB=5V, IC=0 0.1 A
DC Current Gain VCE=6V, IC=2mA
VCE=6V, IC=150mA
VCE (sat) Collector-Emitter Saturation Voltage IC=100mA, IB=10mA 0.1 0.25 V
VBE (sat) Base-Emitter Saturation Voltage IC=100mA, IB=10mA 1.0 V
fT Current Gain Bandwidth Product VCE=10V, IC=1mA 80 MHz
Cob Output Capacitance VCB=10V, IE=0, f=1MHz 2.0 3.0 pF
NF Noise Figure VCE=6V, IC=0.1mA
RS=10k?, f=1Hz
1.0 1.0 dB

Product Warranty

1 Year Return to Base

L7: 2 | TM: 7 | LM: 7 | TY: 37 | T: 186
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