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Brine shrimp eggs

You can easily buy brine shrimp online with world wide shipping. The question is should you feed your fish brine shrimp? Are brine shrimp worth the effort and are brine shrimp easy to hatch.

Brine shrimp are fun to grow for your fish, you can tell your non-aquarist friends that you feed your fish “sea monkeys” as odd joke. Brine shrimp are a low maintenance, DIY live food for small fish and marine aquariums. Some corals like to eat brine shrimp. For larger fish you can grow your brine shrimp by feeding them egg yolk or spirulina. Brine shrimp are happy to eat both food types.

Brine shrimp come from the family artemia and are naturally occurring inland salt lakes around the world. Their eggs have evolved to be able to exist out of water for many years. When droughts end and the rains come the eggs hatch and the lifecycle of the brine shrimp continues.

Brine shrimp eggs can be decapsulated, this means the outside is removed. How are brineshirmp eggs decapsulated? Artima cysts shells are removed using household bleach and sodium hydroxide. When the shells are removed (decapsulated) they make an excellent food for fry (baby fish) and smaller fish. You can not feed brine shrimp eggs to fry without decapsulating them because the shells can lodge in their gut and kill them.

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